About Us

058 21Jul2013Kids Peak is an education provider that offers a range of quality programmes for preschoolers and primary school students.

Established in 2012, we started out as a language and communication school, which focused on helping children to speak more confidently and eloquently in English. Since then, we have introduced several other enrichment programmes – all of which are based on our belief that learning should be enjoyable and relevant. After all, learning is life’s greatest adventure! 

Our signature ‘Speak up, Speak well’ programmes 

The weekly curriculum for our ‘Speak up, Speak well’ Preschool Programme is developed by literacy experts in Singapore and the United States, and the original content of our pilot project was created in collaboration with the International Literacy Association.*

Our preschool lessons are based on storybooks and include a myriad of activities including dramatic play, art and craft, songs, rhymes, and show-and-tell. Our young students also learn how to use positive body language when speaking in front of an audience.

Our primary school curriculum focuses on helping students to develop effective communication skills through activity-based learning. Aligned with the MOE Primary English syllabus, our lessons include language worksheets and various activities, from discussions and presentations to interviews and role-play. Students learn to think critically, form opinions and speak confidently in front of an audience.

A partner of the nationwide Speak Good English Movement, Kids Peak is committed to helping children learn to speak up and speak well.

Other programmes 

In line with our passion for helping children improve their language skills, we work with Arts Street to offer a range of language arts programmes including Creative Writing, Speech & Drama, and Reading & Writing.
We also offer exciting programmes that enable children to develop 21st century skills, such as coding, logical thinking and problem-solving.

Lego Robotics 
Introduced in 2017, our Lego Robotics programme is one of our best-selling enrichment programmes and is available in selected preschools, student care centres and private education centres.

Coding & Animation 
Fun and interactive, our new Coding & Animation programme will be launched in 2021.


* The International Literacy Association was a resource for the development of the original content of the preschool programme, but is not responsible for future revisions in the programme.