School of Life


Saturday 27 May

12.30pm:     Registration opens

1.00pm:           ‘How do we make things fly?’ [Venue: D’Marquee]

  •         Principles of flying a paper airplane
  •         How to fold the perfect paper airplane
  •         How to fly a paper airplane without a motor
  •         How to fly a paper airplane with a PowerUp motor
  •         PowerUp plane flying competitions

3.00pm:        Presentation of merit badges

  •              Participants to learn KRTC School of Life dance

3.30pm:       End of workshop

Sunday 28 May

9.00am:        Participants to meet facilitators at D’Resort lobby   

9.15am:           ‘How does invisible ink work?’ [Venue: Pasir Ris beach]

  •         Create secret codes on canvas with ‘invisible ink’
  •         Uncover secret codes through action painting
  •         Experiment using various equipment from water guns to bottles, creating different colours and textures for their artwork

11.15am:  End of workshop


1.30pm:           ‘How does magic work?’ [Venue: D’Resort ballroom]

  •         Magic and science show
  •         Magic demonstrations
  •         Magic 101: Learn simple tricks

3.30pm:      Presentation of merit awards

3.45pm:       End of programme