Our curriculum is driven by the children’s interests and includes plenty of exploration, investigation and reflection. 

Children are given many opportunities to engage in open-ended play and to interact with natural materials, tools as well as their environment. 

Lessons are based on a series of thoughtfully selected storybooks, and include songs, rhymes, art, games and a host of delightful activities. 

 Learning Areas

  • Language & Literacy:

Children will enhance their language skills through stories, songs, rhymes and dramatic play. They will develop letter recognition, phonemic awareness and letter formation skills.

  • Creative Expression:

Children will be encouraged to be curious and innovative, and will engage in art, music and imaginative activities.

  • Logical Thinking:

Children will explore mathematical concepts using a hands-on approach. They will acquire counting, matching and sorting skills and learn about shapes, colours and patterns.

  • Motor Skills Development:

Children will have opportunities to play and improve their skills of coordination, control and manipulation.

  • Social Development:

Children will learn to respect others and interact confidently with their peers.




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