Speech and Drama

Speech & Drama

Children will grow in confidence and learn to express themselves creatively with our English speech and drama programme.

By engaging in fun and meaningful artistic expressions, they will develop better self-awareness, display more poise and improve their language skills.

Our theme-based programme includes a variety of activities from rhymes, poetry and storytelling to role-play, puppetry and dramatisation.

Learning Areas:

  • To communicate emotions through physical movement and facial expression
  • To express emotions through voice
  • To explore movement and develop a stronger sense of rhythm
  • To express ideas through mime
  • To understand the use of props and costume
  • To sing and recite rhymes with clarity
  • To improve voice projection
  • To overcome nervousness and stage fright
  • To perform with confidence

Age: 3 to 6
Duration: 1 hour
Number of sessions: 8 per term