Primary School Programmes

‘Speak up, Speak well’ Primary School Programme

Targeted at students in Primary 1 to 6, this weekly programme encourages children to think critically, form opinions and express themselves clearly and confidently – essential skills, given the recent revisions in the Primary School English syllabus.

The curriculum is interactive and activity-based, with numerous opportunities for students to participate in discussions, presentations, games, interviews and role-play.

Student evaluation is also done regularly so that both teachers and parents have a better idea of how each child is progressing.

Our programme can be customised to meet the needs of each school, but typically lessons are conducted once a week.

Duration: 1 hour to 1.5 hours
Number of sessions: Flexible (from 6 weeks to 32 weeks)

Post-examination programmes

We offer a variety of post-examination programmes that aim to help students to learn to express themselves more clearly and confidently, while having fun. We also run workshops for students, teachers and parents.

These programmes and workshops can be tailored to fit your preferred duration and budget.