Public Speaking

“Thank you for the wonderful workshop for the children. They have learnt and internalised the skills to their potential. It has been great working with you and your trainers too.

Every pupil was given opportunities to come to the front to speak. This was done in a very good way, where positive comments were given to pupils to help them improve. Pupils also enjoyed and learnt much from the sessions, and were given easy pointers to remember how to speak well.”

– Ms Srividhya Mohan, Teacher, Da Qiao Primary


“The children enjoy the lessons as they are engaging and interactive. The teacher has very good rapport with the children and is able to encourage and guide even the shyer ones to speak up.”

–  Ms Gladys Goh, Centre Supervisor, Kinderland


“My daughter enjoys the lessons and is able to communicate better than before. In a group, she communicates well.”

– Mr Aloysius John Joseph, parent of our former student, Rhea, from PCF Tampines Changkat


“My daughter attended a number of enrichment programmes during her kindergarten years, but this was by far her favourite.

Vivienne thoroughly enjoyed her lessons and I could also visibly see the increase in confidence she displayed in public speaking. She was shy and tentative when she first started out, but she is now a very confident speaker.

Last year, Vivienne was singly chosen to represent her cohort and give a speech during her school’s Junior Investiture Ceremony. Sitting in the audience, I felt extremely proud.”

–  Mr Ryan Sim, parent of our former student, Vivienne, from Kinderland


Lego Robotics

“The lesson content really piqued the children’s interest. Lesson delivery was engaging and age-appropriate. Overall, a well-planned and executed programme.”

– Mrs Koh Hwee Choo, Principal, Jurong Calvary Kindergarten


“Well thought-out programme that encouraged critical thinking, teamwork and problem-solving skills. Children enjoyed it very much!”

– Mrs Hannah Ong, Principal, Zion Kindergarten